Sometimes, when we’re desperate and sad, we’ll go crazy at some party or on the sidewalk, we’ll drink too much or get too excited and make a scene that is so abrupt it will make us happy again. But it is best when it happens with hundreds of us, thousands of us, all together, no longer just crazy and sad but also joyous, rebellious, and free. This is best.

6th July 2011

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It’s like when Nicki called Kim a “sore loser” - like the world has you by the balls and instead of screaming you accept this unfair punishment with a smile. This way you get to walk through life as a “gracious loser” rather than a “sore loser”, which is more noble right? B-U-L-L-S-H-I-T. I know for a fact that “the winners” just put this concept out there so they don’t have to hear shit from the other side! Haters! It’s like you’ve taken the victory and now you want to take my precious shit talking too?! Bastard! What the fuck? Shit talking is free. Shit talking is therapeutic. When reality is being a total motherfucker, shit talking is all you have.
— Brontez

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